There are several reasons why you would come to me to have something made out of wood:  
             - You have visited too many furniture stores and they                         don't  have what you had in mind.  It's not the right size,                  not the right finish, not enough drawer storage -  it's                           just not  right.               
             - You have had this idea in your head or you saw                           something in a magazine or on-line or T.V. and you                           can't buy it. You have to have it made.  
             - You found this great piece of wood and you have an idea. 
             - You have a problem with a particular cabinet or                        wood  part.
             - You don't have the inclination or 35 years                                             of woodworking experience or 3500 square feet of                             woodworking tools and machinery to create what you                       had  in mind.    

        The purpose of my work is to help from conception to         completion:   

                  Design     I work directly with individuals, interior                                               designers, architects, and contractors.                      Construct    I use quality materials and techniques.                             Finish   I do furniture quality finishing.                                           Install   I install my own work.                                                      
                  My  goal is to create something of enduring quality.